WiFi Marketing and Advertising

Our WiFi Proximity Marketing services is what you do need to engage potential customers once they connect to your WIFI network.

When the mobile or laptop users log on to the WIFI connection and refresh their browser, the WIFI device immediately redirects the users to the advertising content website (landing page or splash page) with info, videos or coupons, also we can ask them to “Like” your Facebook page if they want to access to Internet, which can be seen by all of their friends. This increases your business’ visibility, customer engagement and your sales!

Our customers have increased their ROI in a 70 %, lower marketing costs and increased sales, building profitable customer loyalty and brand awareness, increasing conversion rates on-site.

Wifi Marketing Solutions:

  • Stand alone working
  • Interactive campaign
  • Internet access point
  • Webpage built-in
  • Our system allows  you to check the internet usage of each customer, traffic consumption, logged-in minutes, browser and device information, etc.
  • You can manage your hotspot locations remotely from our on-line  VoxxMedia’s Cloud  tool
  • Support Iphone, Ipad, HTC, Blackberry and Andriod phones so on.
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