Bluetooth Marketing

Bluetooth Marketing and Advertising

Bluetooth advertisingis one of the digital advertising applications based on high technology, nowadays it is a growing trend of marketing.

Why Bluetooth Marketing?

It’s simple. At least 75% of your customers could be reached via Bluetooth.

  • At their permission,
  • With full measurability,
  • At zero cost per customer.


Bluetooth Hotspots send content which has to be accepted by the customer. All stats are sent to the central server. Thus you know exactly how many people intentionally downloaded your content. This makes a huge difference comparing to other forms of marketing. Printed ads, flyers, or SMS campaigns give you poor indications about how many people actually read about benefits of your new product, or a service.


By sending them free interactive content you have a chance of building nice relationships between them and the brand you’re working for.


Where it works?

  • Commercial Centres/Shopping Malls
  • In-store promotions
  • Events/Exhibitions/Fair
  • Event Agenda/Guide with a map
  • Products Catalogue/Brochure
  • Sample Music (at Concerts)
  • RSS-actualized scores, results (e.g. football matches)
  • Mobile Wallpapers
  • Public Transport: Airports, Railway Stations, Bus Stops
  • Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Night Clubs
  • Hotels, Casinos
  • Tourist Attractions: Museums, Travel Offices, Seightseeing Points
  • Stadiums
  • Cinemas, Theatres, Operas
  • Schools, Univesities
  • High-traffic Pedestrian Areas



  • Engages consumers – interact with consumers in an entertaining and engaging way by adding an interactive element your event, retail environment or out of home campaign.
  • Improves brand recall – increases impact of marketing activity.
  • Positive brand association – enhances the customer experience with your brand, creating a unique brand interaction and positive brand association.
  • Viral marketing – provides the opportunity for viral marketing as consumers can forward content on to friends.
  • Lasting content impressions – content is saved in the consumer’s mobile phone ensuring the content impressions extend beyond campaign period or event.
  • Drives response – mvouchers and unique urls/telephone numbers drive consumers to your retail outlet, call centre or website.
  • Fully trackable – reporting is provided on the number of customer interactions over the campaign period or event.
  • Free – free for consumers to receive information via Bluetooth.

There are a lot of successful companies which applied Bluetooth marketing for their products. You can be one of them.

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