Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising Management Services

The online display advertising market is growing rapidly and projected to exceed $10B in the U.S. this year. Much of this growth is driven by small- and mid-sized advertisers that are capitalizing on the power of online display campaigns to reach new customers.

As to the results of Eyeblaster’s study, it was found that:

“Overall, for customers who used both search and display, 72% of conversions arrived as a direct result of the display channel. Only 23% of the conversions were a direct result of the search channel. 5% were the result of display ads that were followed by a search.”

VoxxMedia, uses many forms of pay per click advertising on the internet. Pay per Click, known as PPC, is an Internet advertising model utilized by advertising networks that allows marketers to pay only when a web visitor has made a click on the advertiser’s ad.

VoxxMedia  is a on-line marketing and advertising company which focuses on professional level set up and management of PPC campaigns, focused in conversion and achieving the best ROI. PPC is an extremely effective and highly competitive model that you need to implement as part of your marketing and advertising plan.

VoxxMedia will provide your company with a complete set of PPC services to increase traffic on your website, build brand awareness and reach new customers (including when they aren’t actively searching) so that more people will know about your brand, products or/and services.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management Services include:

  • Create targeted paid search ads and keywords for every product and/or service
  • Remarketing
  • Manage all aspects of paid search campaigns including ads, keywords and ad groups
  • Attribute revenue to all channels and search engines
  • Click-Chain Analysis
  • Get insights into buyer behavior to optimize marketing spend
  • Track competitors and affiliates by keyword, ad and rank
  • Use advanced reports to analyze and optimize performance
  • Drive profitability using cost, ROI and product margin
  • Display Banner Design (click here to view banner sizes)
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