Service Agreement

Fees and Returns
All service orders are subject to a minimum $19 service fee once it reaches a technician’s bench or leaves with an on-site technician regardless of the state of repair or outcome of the diagnosis. This fee will not be assessed if the part is under warranty.

All part purchases are final and cannot be returned.

Any payment outstanding for more than 30 days from the invoice date will incur an interest charge at a rate of 7% per month or partial month.

We charge an additional fee of $25 per returned check.

Emergency Service Calls which causes us to reschedule an appointment shall be charged $85 additionally per appointment block time (every 3 hours).

Any on-site service performed after 7pm are considered Emergency Service Calls and will be charged $85 additionally every 3 hours.

Customer is responsible for data backup before repair.

VoxxMedia, Corp. is NOT responsible for data loss for any reason including:
– In the event of a computer failure while in service
– In the event the hard drive is formatted to repair the operating system software.

VoxxMedia, Corp. reserves the right to erase the computer’s hard drive to ensure proper repair of the unit by eliminating software as a variable whenever VoxxMedia, Corp. deems it necessary.

Software errors or corruption that cause poor performance or loss of functionality of the computer is NOT covered by ANY manufacturer’s warranty.

VoxxMedia, Corp. does not support any applications or software except for Microsoft Windows or Mac Operating Systems.

Customer is responsible for determining application compatibility with any operating system they’ve enlisted VoxxMedia, Corp. to install or upgrade to.

Customer is responsible for updating definitions to antivirus software and applying security patches to the operating system after the date of repair on the unit. VoxxMedia, Corp. is NOT responsible for viral infections of the unit or any security compromises to the unit, including compromises due to weak passwords after the date of repair.

VoxxMedia, Corp. is NOT responsible for equipment left in service for over three months from the time of the unit’s entry into service, regardless of the state of repair.

VoxxMedia, Corp. is NOT responsible for notifying you, the customer, in the event your equipment is being disposed of when said equipment has been here for over 3 months.

All equipment must be picked up within 30 days of completion or a $45 per month fee will to be added to the cost of Service Repair Order.